2017 Dodge Ram Concept Best Trucks

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February 25, 2016
2017 Dodge Ram Concept Best Trucks

Dodge Ram is the car, which could become a really great competitor to the many automobiles. This pickup of the full-size series Dodge Ram was developed for the connoisseurs of the lack of roads. This car can easily overcome viscous dirt, sands and snow drifts.

Concept  2017 Dodge Ram

Dodge series started to release in the 80-s. At that time already this automobile won the hearts of the American pickup’s connoisseurs. That car establishes a reputation as steady and tough. The four generation Dodge Ram were better than their precursors; the chassis and engines were modernized. The new model has only the best parameters of characteristics.

Exterior 2017 Dodge Ram Concept

You will admire surely for new Dodge Ram. Automobile will have absolutely new appearance of aggression and sport. This car will be heavier than precursors. Therefore the frame will be a lot more strong and hard. This frame will be made from the cast steel and impart to the car the reserve of the reliability in the lack of roads.

Truck Specifications 2017 Dodge Ram

The updates will affect the lattice of radiator, which many people love, and the headlights. Also, Logo Dodge Ram will be changed, which will mark the aggression of the automobile. The chrome-plated bumpers will provide protection of the driver with extreme driving on the lack of roads. The increased wheeled base will be 197.2441 inches and it will help to improve the stability and controllability on the road. The all new series Ram is equipped by the four disk drags with the system ABS, which will help you to stop in the critical situation.

Interior 2017 Dodge Ram

The interior of the Dodge Ram is unique. The salon has the sporting style, which you can easily see inside the cabin. The company Chrysler Group cared at most about your safety and comfort. The car has excellent audio system with the 6 loudspeakers. Also, the automobile has satellite connection and navigation, Bluetooth, climate control with the two-zone system. The most interesting thing in the new car is back entertaining system for passengers.

Price 2017 Dodge Ram

The force unit of Dodge Ram also had some changes, which made it better and more reliable. This car has V6 engine with 0.98 gallons, which works by the mixture of gas and gasoline. This engine provides easily 210 horse power, which is enough. The price of this wonderful product of the American motor industry will be approximately $20000-$42000; it depends from the packaging arrangement and wishes of the client.

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