Advanced engineering in the NSX Honda supercar

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June 1, 2016
Advanced engineering in the NSX Honda supercar


Specialists involved in the development of Acura NSX, used the original concept to provide high aerodynamic results.

Supercar Acura / Honda NSX has a number of unique technical solutions. According to the companydue to use of the original concept, the engineers managed to achieve the required level of downforce and minimized drag effect got better traction and a high level of stability.

honda nsx concept

“In many ways NSX design carries the functional load, as carried out taking into account the aerodynamic requirements. In order to solve the ambitious goal of achieving the highest performance and stylish appearance, our engineers have a new look at the process of creating the NSX, – told the head of the aerodynamics project Thomas Ramsay. – As a result of hard work, we managed to combine the concept of air traffic management and dynamic design. ”

honda acura nsx

It is reported that specialists used computational fluid dynamics methods of modeling and testing in a wind tunnel, making the air intake and other elements to obtain optimum shape and proportions to reduce the resistance, the most efficient cooling and creating the required downforce. The company noted that the body of NSX was designed so as to effectively cool the components of the model.

honda nsx interior

The sport car is equipped with bi-turbo DOHC V6 engine, as well as by three electric motors, one of which has a capacity of 47 hp and assists the engine under hard acceleration. Other motors on the front axle transmit energy to the right and the left wheel, and the power of each of them is 36 hp. As transmission is offered nine-storeyed transmission with double clutch.

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