Mazda RX-VISION Concept 2017

Post On: 5 March 2016
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March 5, 2016
Mazda RX-VISION Concept 2017

The company Mazda represents the automobile with the new design RX-VISION Concept 2017. This event happened in this year, on the Tokyo Motor Show. The novelty will have enough new things and designer’s changes. The new model promises to be very attractive for the customers with the different number of money.

The hood will be decreased, the car will have the new rotary engine, nice and bright interior, which will be executed by the red and black color. The automobile looks like the super modern sporting compartment. The construction of engine is unique and very reliable. You will get the new emotions from this car and its engine. The new engine with the upgraded characteristics will become even more powerful and at the same time more economical about the expenditure of the fuel.

The interior and design of the automobile are executed with using quality materials. The car looks compactly enough and has the size 172.8 inches. The grille of the radiator is big and hexagonal. The salon of the automobile has the all analog equipment. It is also equipped by the metal patches on the pedals and by the sporting seats.

The carboxylic finishing and cast pedals also take part in the decoration of the salon. The materials from the natural leather and aluminium inserts are also be present. The Mazda RX-VISION 2017 is also strongly differing by the heavily stooped frontal glass and the big cast disks. The controllability of the car is improved.

The headlamps make the bright illumination, an aggressive light on the road. The main lamp is almost hidden in the hole between the grille of the black extension of insert and the panel of the body. At the same time, the daytime LED-lights are located in the thin strip. These LED-lights are built in the body of the automobile.

The new Mazda RX-VISION Concept 2017 will be also equipped by the good modern media system, which will include navigation, all advanced communications and perfect audio system. The developers represented also the new rotary engine SkyActiv-R, which implements the all of new technologies of the company Mazda. The declared power of the engine is 300 horse powers. The engine could have the turbine, but this information is not exact still.

The installation of the gaseous equipment is possible. The company plans to equip the car by the robotized driveline with two clutches. The ecological compatibility of the engine is improved; the number of the harmful emissions in the atmosphere is decreased. The price of the new model is still not determined. We will inform, when the more total information will arise.

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