New 2016 Ford Thunderbird Concept

Post On: 28 February 2016
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February 29, 2016
New 2016 Ford Thunderbird Concept

2016 Ford Thunderbird is the new car of the company “Ford”. This novelty is destined to return Ford Motor at the previous positions on market. Will Thunderbird be released in 2016 or it will not? Nobody knows… But there is the big demand for this car already. The people want to get more information about the automobile and about date of brand’s release.

Review 2016 Ford Thunderbird

The New Ford Thunderbird offers as two-door compartment. The technical characteristics will be increased considerably than such parameters of the previous model. In the development of this car observed the same principles that in Volvo Taurus. Ford Thunderbird is available with increased wheeled base, which will improve controllability of the car on the road in accordance with modern requirements. The unique body and Logo Ford will be the same.

Interior 2016 Ford Thunderbird Exterior

Exterior of the Ford Thunderbird is still mystery. In exterior will be used new materials of the finishing, which were not used for the previous model. Here is the combination of wood, leather, aluminum and fiber. There is still not detailed information about exterior. Also, new model differ by spacious salon, which made by the new technology. Interesting that company can offer the special assembly of salon’s finishing for this version. You will can to order inexpensive standard variant or automobile with maximum packaging arrangement.

Engine 2016 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird will be equipped by the same engine, which was used for version Jaguar S-Type and Jaguar S-Type on the same platform T-Bird, with supporting of the power unit. The engine AJ-V8 with VVT 35 will support gas distribution and control of the throttling damper in the car. This engine will produce approximately 280 horse power and 286 pounds of the torque.

Specs 2016 Ford Thunderbird

The five steps automatic transmission, which is made by “Ford”, will be installed in the car. Of cause, in the new version of the car the updated transmission will be even more modern and fast while working. This is the new development of the company’s specialists.

Price 2016 Ford Thunderbird

The current date of Ford Thunderbird’s release is still not announced. But the company plans to start release in 2016 already. The preliminary price of the car will be approximately $30000 in the standard packaging.


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