New 2017 Volkswagen Group USA

Post On: 24 April 2016
June 1, 2016
New 2017 Volkswagen Group USA

Volkswagen is a multinational automaker headquartered in Germany. It has a long history and its cars sold under the Volkswagen brand achieved numerous performances. It is currently the biggest car manufacturing company in Europe. At world level, it is on the second position. In a top ten of best sold vehicles of all times, Volkswagen has three different models. Besides producing an impressive number of models, Volkswagen is also involved in research and development. In 2011 it had a higher budget for research than any other company in the car manufacturing industry.

The company’s name literally means people’s car. Volkswagen was founded in 1937 and its goal was to make cars largely available for the public. Back then, it was very difficult for people to afford cars. Adolph Hitler himself was in favor of this project and even gave some specific requirements on how the car should be and on what goals it should achieve. His interest rose from the fact that he didn’t want the Germans to be inferior when compared to Americans and he thought that the country was in deep need for affordable cars. Volkswagen constantly put on the market popular models and in the 90s it also decided to move upmarket. It made a bunch of successful acquisitions and it managed to cover every segment of the market. Even though the company didn’t seem interested in producing utility vehicles, it eventually developed the Touareg which was launched in the early 2000s.

Three Volkswagen models repeatedly won the World Car of the Year award and the company holds the record for winning five such awards over time. No other automaker has equaled this performance. Impressive performances were also achieved in Europe where the European Car of the Year was won for three times over the years.

Nowadays Volkswagen has assembly and manufacturing plants all around the world. In order to make the history of the brand known to the public, the company has also opened a Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg.

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