New BMW 650 Features

Post On: 23 April 2016
April 23, 2016
New BMW 650 Features

The New BMW 650 is yet another wonderful creation of BMW. This is a car with a difference. The car is quite affordable and worth every cent spent on it. It is available as a convertible as well as a coupe. It also comes in a variety of colors and so you can be sure to be spoilt for choice when it comes to this car. Most of the BMWs are normally comfortable but none can compare to this version of the BMW. The car also has great performance on the road.


This version of the BMW is very powerful on the road. It has a twin turbo V8 and 8 speeds automatic that power it and help it move very fast. The 4.4 liter V8 premium makes sure that you do not run out of gas for a long time. The only disadvantage is that you will have to pay quite a large amount for the gas.

Safety features

This is one of the safest cars yet and so if you care so much about your safety then this is the car for you. The car has side impact air bags for the front seats so you can be sure that in the event of an accident you are very safe. It also has a system that stabilizes the electronic system as well as night vision that helps to detect pedestrians on the road at night. All these help in the event of an accident and help keep you safe.

This car is truly amazing and a great invention and so if you have been looking for a car that will make sure you reach where you are going fast and safe, then this is the car for you. It is not just a car but a car that cares about your well being.

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